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The Team

Who We Are


Dr. Olivia Gurule-Rietmann DC

Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor

After a health scare and rapid loss of her vision, Dr. Olivia went through the journey of searching for answers with impending hopelessness. It wasn't until she found upper cervical chiropractic care that her symptoms started to resolve and eventually disappear altogether. She decided to give that hope back to her community and attended Sherman Chiropractic College in South Carolina, graduating in 2022. 

Her experience with neurological pain and symptoms gives her the ability to empathize with her patients and stop at nothing to help them find answers to the problems putting a hold on their lives. 

Dr. Olivia loves spending time with her pups, Rio and Ace and her one-eyed cat, Hatch. She spends her free time on walks, reading thrillers and mysteries and watching YouTube video essays.

Alexandria Gurule

Chiropractic Assistant

Alexandria is passionate about advocating for our patients, giving them a listening ear and helping everyone gain access to the specific care they need. She has been under chiropractic care since her Sophomore year of college when she started seeing a sports chiropractor to improve her basketball abilities. 

Alexandria is a basketball coach, middle school athletic director and the glue of our office! She graduated in 2020 with her BS in Psychology and spends her time weight training.


Russell Gurule-Rietmann


Russell has been under chiropractic care since he was a child and believes strongly that everyone deserves a healthy and supported nervous system. He supports our mission by keeping the office running and up to date. 

Russell likes to spend his free time wood working, writing and playing with his dogs, Rio and Ace. 

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