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Chiropractic without the Crack

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Ever played Skyrim?

It's the only video game I've ever been interested in. One of the fun parts of the game is picking locks. You're given several lockpicks that you have to use to gently get into chests and secret rooms. You literally use the controller to "turn" the pick and break in. A lesson I learned pretty quickly is that it doesn't work to just jam the lock and turn it as fast as you can. You have to take it easy and pay attention to what the lock is doing.

It's the same with your spine.

We have a saying in chiropractic: "Force is inverse to presence".

Being present with your spine, with your body, and with your being allows for me to adjust you with as little force as needed. Your adjustment doesn't need to be theatrical and we don't need to mic your neck to know the adjustment happened (yes, dig intended).

In fact, believe it or not, the adjustment isn't the thrust.

I supply the specific chiropractic force- your innate intelligence makes the adjustment.

When you receive your first adjustment, you may be surprised at the mechanics of the adjustment. It's probably going to be different than anything you've seen on YouTube or experienced in real life. But I can guarantee you'll also feel so much different than you have with other adjustments.

Being specific with the spinal checks, imaging of your spine and the vectors of the adjustment allows me to correct misalignments with as little force as possible. Being present with you is my main focus while you're in the adjustment room.

I look forward to being PRESENT with you.

~Dr. Olivia

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